Hello World!

I hadn’t been keeping up with my website for awhile but I’ve been getting busy and decided it was time to start paying attention to it again.

A new section has been included titled Written Work with links to among other things my play “Sheila and Angelo” which had a successful sold out run with some good reviews at the 2016 NYC International Fringe Festival. It featured Dan Grimaldi, who was a regular (47 episodes and SAG award recipient) on the Sopranos along with Lynda Rodolitz, Simone Lazer, Ed Kershen and former Playboy Bunny, Judy Bruno Bennett. I am presently submitting to theatre companies around the country and will let you know where it can be seen again.

On the acting side of things, I just completed filming “Punchline” , a short film written by Jonathan  ” Jody” Heaps, executive producer of the All Access Showtime boxing series. His most recent work was the Mayweather – McGregor prefight build up. Not surprisingly, considering the author,  the play deals with a fictional retired boxer played by myself named “Smokey Billy Barr” who becomes a stand up comic after retiring from the ring. A great little script with a Twilight Zone kind of feel. Directed by Cass O’Meara and features Harriet Trangucci as my spouse and Brett Solimine as a reporter and a younger version of myself. One scene left to be shot, which doesn’t include me, filming soon.

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